Dear Influencer,

Have you ever promoted for a company, spending precious time and dollars and a coveted spot in your promo calendar…..

….only to have them start marketing in Costco, Amazon, paid traffic, infomercials, or a retail store chain?

Layer 1

I’m Robyn Openshaw, and after 13 years with the influencer brand GreenSmoothieGirl online—I was making $750k a year promoting for 5 brands every year. It wasn’t all my income—but it was the easiest and most lucrative!

We had a “secret sauce” system that was so effective and easy, that promoting for high-end end wellness products has remained the highest-ROI thing we do, year after year—even outpacing ROI selling our own proprietary products!

One day a year, promoting for each of these product lines ….. and three quarters of a million bucks went almost straight to the bottom line.

But then, 8 different companies, after getting anywhere from $1M to $11M a year from my marketing efforts, pulled the rug out from under me. My nontoxic bed company went into Mattress Firm. My turbo blender company, and my sauna company, went into Costco.

A few of them even ran remarketing ads on my Google and Facebook traffic. The sauna company I made over $10M for is targeting anyone who types “greensmoothiegirl” into their browser, as I write this!

I don’t think our JV partners are bad people—it’s just that no matter how I try to teach them, companies who partner with influencers don’t understand how hard we work to create traffic for them, and how valuable our credibility is with our audience.

So, I'm solving all that!



In November, 2019, we launch the first of 6 brands to launch by March 2020. The sole purpose of each is to give you a white labeled product that you can promote to your audience, with these 6 benefits no other JV partner has ever given you before:

  • 1
    Higher commissions than you’ve ever received!

    We are a debt-free company with lower overhead, and can afford to pay you more.

  • 2
    Protection from competing marketing verticals!

    We will NEVER change directions—we are exclusively dedicated to affiliate marketing!

  • 3
    Protection from predatory marketing!

    If you see retargeting ads directed at your traffic, it will ONLY be with your permission, and using your affiliate links. If a customer calls in--or purchases more units later--we WILL ask who referred them, and give you credit.

  • 4
    Products are best-in-category, trustworthy products, with solid warranties, and the manufacturer providing branded customer support.
  • 5
    Free coaching in the best-practices that made us the #1 affiliate for many high-end brands.

    We don’t just give you an affiliate URL—we provide you tested subject lines and email copy. We’ll build you high-converting opt in pages. We’ll even run and record your webinar for you--so you spend very little time and effort, for the biggest payouts you’ve ever had in your business. This way you can focus on your own books, courses, or products, but use your list to earn year-round income. We make promoting for high-end products with huge commissions the easiest thing you do, in your calendar year.

  • 6
    In December, 2020, we will have the first 7-Figure Influence Mastermind in Park City, Utah—and you’re invited! To learn from the finest influencers what’s working in internet marketing these days, and to network with the best and brightest.

    Influencers and affiliates promoting for Influence Brands will be invited, and top promoters can earn their attendance FREE! No sponsors pitching from the stage! We will deliver the most focused and relevant networking and content you’ve ever experienced. You’ll earn points towards possible FREE entrance to the 7-Figure Influence Mastermind by making us meaningful introductions to other influencers, and by promoting multiple Influence Brands.

To be considered as an INFLUENCE Affiliate, please submit an inquiry.

“Promoting Influence Saunas with Robyn (Green Smoothie Girl) is a "no-brainer." It has everything I look for when deciding which products to introduce to my audience.

The saunas themselves are awesome! They went out of their way and used the available science to produce a non-toxic, purpose-built product that can deliver on the extraordinarily wide range of health benefits that sauna bathing has to offer. GSG gave me everything I needed - A great support team, solid email copy, tech that works perfectly and excellent customer service for my members. The icing on the cake is that the offer itself converts very well. Look forward to doing it again!”

—Dr. Yoni Whitten, creator of The Pain Fix Protocol