Terms of Use

(Updated 4/14/22)

Participation in the Influence Brands Affiliate Program requires an understanding and agreement to these terms of use.

Scope and Eligibility

Our Affiliate Program is designed to provide an incentive for health-, well-being-, or self-improvement-focused influencers to promote Influence Brands products. These terms will outline how the program will compensate eligible participants. Affiliates are paid a referral commission based on eligible sales.

Being an Influence Affiliate requires promotion of Influence Brands products through any of the following platforms:1) a website, 2) a blog, social network presence, newsletter, or email campaign, 3) a health practice, program, or facility.

Please contact affiliate support to determine if any alternative approaches to promoting Influence Brands products and services qualify.

Ineligible platforms include, but are not limited to, non-health-related websites, coupon listing websites, and affiliate link repositories.

What a Referral Is

A referral is generated when an order is made by a lead who is sent to our site by an affiliate.

Example A: 1.) Joe clicks your affiliate link, 2.) Joe purchases an eligible item, 3.) you are credited with a referral and earn a commission.
Example B: 1.) Jen clicks your affiliate link, 2.) Jen does not purchase an eligible item, 3.) you are not credited with a referral or commission.

We do not give credit for referrals on orders that have already been completed, or that were not processed through an affiliate link.

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Commission Rates

Referral commission rates are predetermined for each eligible item. Not all products or services sold by Influence Brands may be eligible. Product eligibility and rates may change any time without notice.

  • Orders using coupons may be partly or fully ineligible for commissions
  • Items sold via external vendors are not eligible for commissions
  • Ineligible items include sauna covers, cushions, backrests
Brand Commission Rate (Oct. 2021)*
Sauna $525
Sauna (financed)** $475

* Exceptions may apply. Rates and eligible items may change depending on active promotion. Rates and terms may change without notice. **We've found that offering financing as a payment option results in more sales, but the expense of doing so requires a lower commission rate.

Payment of Commissions

Commission payments are made to the address registered with the Affiliate account. Unclaimed, denied, undeliverable, or returned payments are considered forfeited and are not re-sent. Affiliates are responsible for keeping their Affiliate account address current. Payments are made according to the payment schedule below. The payment schedule is not a guaranteed schedule and should not be relied upon for time-sensitive income or accounting purposes. Payments will be made on a time frame needed to ensure accurate administration of the affiliate program, which may fluctuate continually.

Sauna commission payouts are made after successful delivery of the sauna. During high-demand times, this can be 6 months after the sale.
IB Sauna Commission Payment Schedule

If your mailing address changes, you must inform us of the change.

Commission Payment Clawbacks and Miscalculations

Clawbacks are retractions of commission payments due to refunds and cancelled orders. The commission will be retracted in one of two methods described below. If a miscalculation has resulted in over-payment of commissions, the commission may be retracted in one of two methods described below.

  1. The retracted commission amount will be deducted from a future commission payment.
  2. The retracted commission amount will be requested from the Affiliate by check or Zelle.

Although we take measures to minimize clawbacks by postponing commission payouts until the typical refund period has passed, it is possible that clawbacks will occur.

Failure to Use Affiliate Link

Orders placed by leads failing to use an affiliate link are not eligible for referral consideration. Requests for retroactive referrals will not be accepted.

If you have referred a lead to our site and the lead fails to use your affiliate link for any reason, a referral will not be credited to your account retroactively. If you find the use of your affiliate link to be problematic, contact us immediately.

Leads whose devices block HTTP cookies, thereby preventing referrals from being completed, are not eligible for referral consideration without the prior approval described herein. The Influence Brands Affiliate Program requires cookies to assign leads to affiliates.

Influencers may request permission in advance for leads to place orders by manually entering an affiliate link URL. For example, an alternative health practice who directly promotes Influence Brands products on location, but does not have a website or online platform to promote Influence Brands products, may request advance approval for retroactive referrals.

Review the Scope and Eligibility section for approved platforms. Potential Affiliates who operate in a platform not included in the Scope and Eligibility section may contact affiliate support to request advance approval for an alternative platform.

Link Tracking

When a lead clicks a tracking link, a cookie is added to the lead's browser. If a cookie already exists, it is overwritten by the new cookie. Cookies expire after 12 months. This is considered "last cookie wins" because the most recent cookie will receive commissions when a sale is made.

Prohibited Practices

  • Copying and/or distributing content from Influence Brands' websites without express permission is not allowed, and can be copyright infringement. All content on Influence Brands' websites is copyrighted. If in doubt, inquire to affiliate support.
  • Publishing affiliate links repetitiously, in a misleading way, or without adequate promotional content is considered misuse.
  • Misrepresenting Influence Brands or implying or posing as a subsidiary or representative of Influence Brands is not allowed.
  • Online systems that compete with or divert website traffic from Influence Brands' websites are not allowed.

Federal Tax Documents

Form W-9
Upon registration, US affiliates are required to send a completed Form W-9.

Line 1 of Form W-9 must match the name on the taxpayer's tax return.

If the affiliate's name is not present on the W-9, please indicate the affiliate name when submitting the tax documentation. Tax information and/or forms not provided within 30 days of referrals may result in delay or forfeiture of commissions.

Send forms to:
Influence Brands Affiliate Program
599 West 990 North
American Fork, UT 84003

US Affiliates who are paid at least $600.00 by Influence Brands during the calendar year, whether through the Affiliate program or in combination with other means, will be sent IRS Form 1099-MISC as required by law. By participating in our Affiliate Program, you agree to provide information necessary for the processing and delivery of this annual tax document.

Regardless of the amount of Affiliate earnings, Affiliates are responsible for reporting all Affiliate commissions as gross income. It is taxable income.

Terms of Affiliate Program Membership

Affiliates must demonstrate an ongoing effort to promote Influence Brands products through an approved platform. Influence Brands reserves the right to reject any earned commissions and to remove any affiliate from the program at our sole discretion.

Accounts will be deleted if affiliate link clicks have not been generated for more than 18 months.

Our affiliate program does not allow participation for the primary purpose of earning referral commission for personal purchases (self-referrals). Accounts using the program primarily for self-referrals may be closed without notice.

Affiliates generating only self-referrals are not eligible for commissions. The Affiliate program may not be used primarily for personal purchases.

Eligibility requirements are the discretion of Influence Brands.

Reciprocation of referrals between affiliates to earn commissions is not allowed and may result in closure of both affiliate accounts.

Affiliates may have relationships with other affiliate programs; however, when Influence Brands Affiliate Program is used as part of a platform primarily to distribute affiliate or marketing content it may be ineligible for commissions.

Accounts will be considered inactive if affiliate link clicks have not been generated for more than six months. Accounts generating only self-referrals are considered inactive. Inactive accounts must request to be reactivated within one year of inactivity, or the account will be deleted.

Affiliates are responsible for knowing laws and terms of use of social network and other utilized methods of promotion.

Affiliates are responsible for knowing tax laws applicable to their participation in our affiliate program.

Influence Brands Right to Manage the Affiliate Program

Affiliate accounts in violation of any terms may be deactivated without notice. Violators may be banned from Influence Brands' websites without notice.

We reserve the right to accept or deny referrals at our discretion; to raise, lower, adjust, postpone, or discontinue commission rates and payments at any time; and to decline or terminate affiliate accounts if we feel our products or services are not being publicized in an appropriate manner, or if we have any other concern about the advertising or marketing techniques employed by the affiliate, or for any other reason at our discretion.

Affiliates have no obligation to continue and may terminate their membership at any time.

Terms of use may change without notice.

Please direct Affiliate Program questions to affiliate support.

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